David Gray Equine training 
horse riding instructor and Horse Trainer

Western Horse & Rider Training

David Gray Equine Training, professional and experienced horse trainer.  Providing training for both horse and rider, at all levels and across all disciplines.  David’s focus on good horsemanship, is about getting the most out of your relationship with your horse, having a goal and working towards that goal.  Whether you need help with problem or nervous horses, learning to communicate and working as a partnership, starting your youngster, or support and help in producing show horses.  

David has a wide range of experience and skills as a horse trainer and has produced and trained many horse and rider combinations, now based in Essex David is continuing his good horsemanship and equine training, offering packages to suit all requirements.

Our friendly and professional team are dedicated to providing the highest level of care and training to both your horse and you as the rider.  Not only focusing on working and training your horse, we work with you so that you can get the most from your relationship and recreate the training when you’re back home.  Ensuring that the bond, partnership and skills are learnt for your continued progression.  

David has been practicing Good Horsemanship skills for many years.  You may have heard of natural horsemanship, but we believe that the process is not necessarily about being natural, but about being good.  What is the right approach and technique to take for the individual horse and rider/owner.  

Good horsemanship is about applying the skills and techniques you learn into everyday life.  Every encounter with your horse should provide a good and positive experience.  We have to allow our horses to make the mistakes to provide them with the training solution to the problem.  That is what Good horsemanship is all about.  
David Gray Equine Training: Horse Trainer & Horse Riding Instructor
David Gray Equine Training: Horse Trainer & Horse Riding Instructor
David Gray Equine Training: Horse Trainer & Horse Riding Instructor

David Gray Equine Training/Horsemanship is proud to be associated to The Hooves Group.