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About our horse trainer & horse riding instructor


Once Upon A Time.........

We've loved every minute of our journey

In the beginning....

David began riding as a child on un-ridden ponies, without a saddle.

“My parents were into driving and they wouldn’t buy me a saddle so I used to ride bareback all the time. The ponies had never been ridden and I just used to hurtle about having fun.”  

David drifted in and out of working with horses throughout his teenage years. 

Back In the saddle....

At the age of 23, David decided to follow his childhood joys and began competing in affiliated show Jumping.  David won many shows throughout his show jumping career.  

Focusing on the relationships and bonds he seemed to easily develop with his horses, he made the decision to explore new methods of training and riding.  

A new Dawn....

In 1998 David had his first western riding lesson.   Everything he heard during his lesson made sense and it all started to fall into place.  It was at this exact moment in time David knew this was what he wanted to do.

In the making.... 

David worked relentlessly training with Tim McQuay, Marco Formentini, Mike McEntire in the USA and Bob Mayhew in the UK.  

Throughout his training years, he learnt the art of Horsemanship, starting young horses, working with problem horses, riding lessons, right through to developing his own skills in the discipline of reining.  

The showdown....

David is keen to dispel the myths which currently surround the sport. "Western riding can offer something of value to riders of all ages and abilities."

“Few people realise just how similar the theories behind English and Western riding are. Riders who are competing in disciplines such as dressage, show jumping and eventing can all benefit from western techniques."

Riding into the Sunset.... 

After only 3 years, David was selected for the British reining team at the European Championships in 2001.  

In 2014 David was asked to work as Team Coach for team Ireland youth riders at the world cup in Texas, USA.  

David is a highly sought after trainer of western horses, and specialises in helping problem horses and nervous riders, irrespective of breed or discipline.

David is a dedicated, experienced and professional Horse Trainer and Horse Riding Instructor.  Sharing his knowledge and skills to better the relationship, willingness and abilities between you and your horse. 

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